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Block Botanical Gardens

7299 S.W. 79th Court
Miami, FL 33143-3914

Block Botanical Gardens (Miami, Florida) showcases abundant subtropical plant life thriving in a naturally rich century old residential fruit grove. Developed over the past 25 years by award-winning horticulturist and landscape engineer/designer Dr. Jeff Block, the gardens feature brick pathways accessing dramatic plant groupings grown to their greatest natural potential.

As a medical doctor, physician scientist, master gardener educator and community leader, Dr. Block has a generation of unparalleled experiences with developing sustainable technologies and promoting advanced irrigation practices serving subtropical gardens.  Ornamental wonders abound, and include internationally recognized palm and bromeliad collections.   In addition to a rare plant conservatory, two automated greenhouses efficiently evolve seeds to specimens that are nurtured to nature’s highest standards. 

Palms and cycads thrive throughout the gardens, and groupings of rare fruit trees, flowering trees, as well as dedicated epiphyte and desert gardens offer something for all specialty interests.  Dozens of show-awarded specimen orchids festoon ancient oaks.  Giants abound, and include Florida’s largest spiny Pink Floss Silk tree; the Country’s largest mango tree officially recorded as a “National Champion Tree”; and the Country’s largest remaining example of the extraordinarily beautiful and truly tropical “Red Sealing Wax” or “Lipstick” Palm.

At Block Botanical Gardens, our mission is to sustain subtropical ornamental plant specimens of extraordinarily high horticultural merit that compare favorably among the finest seen in the world.  We practice “The Art and Science of Nurturing Nature”